(250)470-6215 (250)470-6215
Tips Received:23463
Arrests Made:2645
Rewards Approved:835
Rewards Paid Out:$182,651
Property Recovered:$4,114,598.00
Narcotics Recovered:$83,905,412.00


About Us


Crime Stoppers is a program that empowers regular people to fight back against crime. Anyone can submit an anonymous tip by using our tips line, and if that tip leads to an arrest the individual will receive a reward for their efforts.

Crime Stoppers operates in over 20 countries worldwide and since the very first program started in 1976, we have become the number one community based crime solving organization in the world.

Who Can Get Involved?

Volunteers also play an integral role in Crime Stoppers: in committees, helping with projects, attending events, helping sell items or tickets, working on special events and providing person power or expertise.

If you are interested in getting involved with Crime Stoppers, head to our Volunteer section to sign up.

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