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Big White Promo Day

March 17, 2012 at Big White was a great success;  Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers teamed up with the Community Policing group at Big White for a mutually beneficial day.  Big White's Community Policing volunteers were set up to engrave idnetification on skis and snowboards and Crime Stoppers board members and Coordinator, Gerry Guiltenane were present handing out lip balm and balloons (helium kindly donated by Praxair).  Fresh Air Experience partnered up with Crime Stoppers to donate a snowboard and bindings to one of the engraving participants.

The Community Policing group was hoping to engrave 25-30 pieces of equipment, but they ended up doing more than 90 pieces. 

The lucky winner of the snowboard and bindings is Kristy Wiltshire of Langley, BC.  Congratulations Kristy! 

 Big White Promo Day

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