(250)470-6215 (250)470-6215
Tips Received:23352
Arrests Made:2641
Rewards Approved:832
Rewards Paid Out:$182,326
Property Recovered:$4,114,598.00
Narcotics Recovered:$83,855,412.00



Become a Volunteer

Volunteers work with Board members taking on various tasks from promotion, fund raising, events and special projects or programs. Volunteers are not society directors and do not have to attend Board meetings.

Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers Society is a non-profit community crime fighting organization. We are currently looking to establish a volunteer base to help our program. We also require a volunteer coordinator to liaise with the board.

Volunteers are required for fundraising, community events, and certain areas of expertise. Grant funding application writing is one area that we require assistance.

If you are interested in reducing crime to make the Okanagan a safer place, please contact our office @ crimestoppers@shaw.ca


Join the Board

Board members are both Directors and Volunteers. The Board of Directors decide on policy, procedure and standards for program operation. The Board is also responsible for fund raising, promotion and education. Board members volunteer time as Committee Chairs and at various events, presentations, speeches and meetings as needed.

Note: all Board members and Volunteers must undergo criminal record and background checks before being considered.

Volunteer / Director Consent form (pdf)    


Join the Society

Your $5.00 membership fee entitles you:

  • To vote at all Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings of the Society
  • To stand for election as a Director of the Society
  • Obtain a tax receipt (upon request) for your membership fee contribution to the Society

 Application for Membership form (pdf)


 Become a Sponsor

Donations of goods and services or cash to Crime Stoppers is tax deductible and goes directly into rewards, education, training, promotions and programs such as Mugshots, Hot Recs and the TIPS Line.

There are opportunities for community groups, members, businesses and corporations to sponsor projects,  or donate cash, prizes or services to our Annual Golf Tournament.

There are many who offer regular annual donations directly to the program operations and rewards, and others who choose to be associated with or sponsor a special project or part of the program.


Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers is registered with CanadaHelps.org, which is a company that facilitates charitable donations through their website. They automatically provide a receipt for tax purposes. Visit  www.CanadaHelps.org or click on the link below. 




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