(250)470-6215 (250)470-6215
Tips Received:23352
Arrests Made:2641
Rewards Approved:832
Rewards Paid Out:$182,326
Property Recovered:$4,114,598.00
Narcotics Recovered:$83,855,412.00



How Can I Give a Tip?

If you have any information about a crime that's been committed...

  • Call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line .. 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)
  • Your information will be taken in strictest confidence. Anonymity is protected and you never have to give your name.
  • You will be given a code number. This should be kept to yourself in order to remain anonymous.
  • Call Crime Stoppers back at anytime to provide updates to your tip, using your confidential tip code number.
  • Tips that lead to the arrest of suspects, as well as the recovery of stolen property and drugs are eligible for cash rewards of up to $2,000.00, which are paid to tipsters on an anonymous basis.

Or… leave a secure tip online!

If you have information about a crime, you can now provide an anonymous tip online using our secure and encrypted web-tip form.

  • You will never be identified.
  • We don't want your name, phone number or email address…we only want your information.
  • You will never have to testify in court.
  • You could receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.00 upon an arrest and charge, or seizure of illegal drugs or property.

To leave a secure tip online click here.

Remember, do not provide any information that could possibly identify who you are.


How do I Text a Tip?

There are three main parts to a text message Tip:

  1. The Short Code replaces a phone number. The one assigned to Crime Stoppers is CRIMES (274637).
  2. Key Words are used to ensure that the tip is directed to the proper place. Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers' key word is: Ktown
  3. The Message contains the key word initially and then the actual text message.

For Example

A tipster sends their first message. They text 'Ktown' plus their tip information to CRIMES (274637). Crime Stoppers then responds with a confirmation and a unique code number.

The tipster may respond back to Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers by simply replying. No key word or any other identifier is needed for any subsequent contact with Crime Stoppers from that cell phone. You need only text CRIMES (274637) and you are in touch with Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers.

A two-way dialogue through this encrypted system is possible as well, always protecting the anonymity of the tipster. Crime Stoppers will still not know who the texter is.


TipSubmit Mobile application for the iPhone/iPad.

Visit the iTunes or App Store to download this free app...  Search for TipSubmit Mobile.


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