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Tips Received:23352
Arrests Made:2641
Rewards Approved:832
Rewards Paid Out:$182,326
Property Recovered:$4,114,598.00
Narcotics Recovered:$83,855,412.00


Crime Stoppers Partners


Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers has recently partnered with Crime Watch Magazine in a fundraising initiative.  They are currently soliciting advertising in the Central Okanagan area.

This widely distributed magazine focusses on current crime topics such as missing children, crime prevention, wanted suspects and much more!


We are very proud to say that we have partnered with one of the fastest growing social shopping companies anywhere, Smart Betty. For those of you who haven't heard of them, click here to find out who they are. Basically, each day you will be notified by email of different discounts from local merchants that you will be able to take advantage of - all you do is go online and purchase the voucher for the product or service and then redeem it at your convenience! The benefit to you is obvious - great deals on products and services that you already purchase!
Another benefit is that Smart Betty understands the importance of charitable donations. So, for every dollar you spend purchasing Smart Betty vouchers, Smart Betty will give 10% of their earnings back to our charity.  Simply choose Kelowna - Central Okangan Crime Stoppers when you make your purchase.
We are extremely excited about our partnership with Smart Betty, as this is something that we feel will benefit everyone! The more people see this, the better for our organization so please forward this email to friends, family and co-workers so that they can also enjoy the savings and help us in our fundraising efforts!
We thank you for your efforts in helping us by spreading the word about us and about Smart Betty!



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