End Gang Life Introduces Bikerland

Aug 23, 2023

British Columbia has a great resource for information on gangs in the CFSEU (Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit).  They have initiated many campaigns for education of th...

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CCTV Security Camera Tips

Aug 17, 2023

Home and Business Security Camera Tips Camera angles and locations When identifying potential installation locations for your home or business’ external security camera...

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Summer Schedule

Jun 29, 2023

No matter where you live in the Central Okanagan, chances are we will be in your neighborhood at some point this summer!  Watch for our tent at the following locations, where ...

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Top 10 senior scams

Jun 3, 2023

IDENTITY THEFT—Sign credit cards, don’t lend them out.  Shred documents. GRANDPARENT SCAM—Grandkids call—they are in jail or hospital,  scared,...

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