9 PM Routine

Dec 14, 2021

Crimes against property are often crimes of opportunity.  By simply making sure your valuables are locked up you can help prevent these crimes.  

The 9 PM Routine is a nightly reminder to go through some simple steps to create a habit of keeping your home safe.  We encourage you to follow this simple checklist:  

  •  Turn on outside lights or use a "dawn to dusk" lightbulb that turns on at night and automatically turns off with the dawn.
  •  Lock all your doors and close garage door.
  •  Make sure bikes, toys and outdoor equipment from the yard are put away and locked up
  •  Double check that your vehicle is locked and there are no valuables inside.  (a visible garage door opener is like an invitation to thieves).
  • What a great "New Year's Resolution" to make - starting a good habit by using the 9 PM Routine!