End Gang Life Introduces Bikerland

Aug 23, 2023

British Columbia has a great resource for information on gangs in the CFSEU (Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit).  They have initiated many campaigns for education of the public and to help those in need of exiting gangs.  Their website is amazing and full of literature and information that we recommend you check out with topics such as:

- Dial-a-Doping:  How they get you, and how they keep you.  The first step to gang involvement.

- True Colours:  Learn about outlaw motorcycle gangs  to ensure you and your community's safety.

- Myths & Realities:  Real-life stories told by former gangsters.

- "Streetlights":  A graphic comic book series that dispels the myths of gang life in British Columbia. 

- "Bikerland":  - CFSEU's newest campaign that uncovers the way that outlaw motorcycle gangs embed themselves in  our  communities. 

Visit their website at https://endganglife.ca/