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Kelowna RCMP are hoping you may be able to recognize the description of a male wanted for an armed robbery occurring at approximately 4:15 p.m. on July 31st.   A food truck employee called RCMP to report that a male had approached the truck parked at Gyro Beach on Lakeshore Road and lunged toward the trailer’s open door demanding money and threatening to harm the employee with a long hunting knife.  The employee kicked the man out of the entrance and locked the door.  The man then approached the open service window, grabbed the Styrofoam cup holding tips and the employee’s pink and green longboard (with green wheels) and fled through the gravel parking lot to Watt Road and then in a northern direction.  The suspect is described as a 30 year old male, approximately 6’ tall and 200 pounds with short hair, a scruffy beard, missing two front upper teeth and had a dark tattoo on his left shoulder.  The man was wearing black cut-off shorts, dirty white running shoes and no shirt.  The employee was not harmed.