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Staff at Johnson Bentley Aquatic Centre located on Old Okanagan Highway in West Kelowna arrived on March 25th to a smashed front window.  Video surveillance was checked where they discovered the window was broken just before 11:00 p.m. on March 24th by four youth suspects.  The window was tough, but the vandals persevered until it broke.  One male kicked the glass door, not breaking it.   Another youth did a body slam into a glass window, then three of the youths picked up a garbage can and tossed it at the window. Finally, one youth picked up a bike frame and hurled it at the window, smashing it.  After giving each other a “high-five”, they ran off to the neigboring field.  The suspects are described as being between 13 and 17 years old.  Suspect number one is a male, 5’10”- 6’ tall wearing a grey hoodie, tan pants, and black shoes with white soles.  Suspect 2 is slim, approximately 5’5” tall wearing a black and white spotted hooded jacket, black sneakers and a brown backpack.  Suspect # 3 is shorter, about 5’4”, approximately 14 years old, wearing a long green sweatshirt with hoodie, dark pants and black sneakers with white soles.  Suspect number 4 is a female, approximately 14 years old with long black hair wearing a red sweatshirt, black leggings white shoes and a dark backpack.  Additional photos can be seen on our Facebook page.