File #:

2019-31684 2019-32956

If you notice either of these bikes while you are out and about please know that they have been reported stolen.  The red Specialized Hard Tail 21 speed mountain bike was taken from the 1100 block Mountain Avenue between May 27th and June 2nd.  Its Serial number is WSBC603036901F and it has front and back rims that don’t match. The black Kona Stinky mountain bike was taken from the 500 block of Cook Road on June 7th. 

Did you know that if the police check a “questionable” suspect on a bike and the serial number on the bicycle comes back negative there is little the officer can do?  You can help the police and protect yourself by registering your bike using the Project 529 program.  It takes mere minutes to do, but could be instrumental in returning your stolen bike to you.  The registration process includes entering information on your bike’s specifics such as make, model, colour and serial number along with your contact info.  Take some pictures of your serial number and bike, upload and you’re done.  You can also get a “Project 529” sticker shield kit for a nominal fee at most local bike shops that gives thieves a warning that your bike is registered.  If your bike is stolen after being registered you can send out a “Be on the lookout” alert to the Project 529 community.  For more information and to register visit https://project529.com/garage/organizations/kelownarcmp/landing.