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With warmer weather comes a resurgence of the “fake gold scam” in the area.  There are two different methods suspects will use to scam their victims.   A suspect will approach an individual in a high traffic area such as a parking lot, gas station or shopping plaza.  They will recite a sad story such as losing their wallet, needing money for medical reasons or escaping domestic abuse.  They will then offer to sell gold jewelry in order to get fast cash to help them in their situation.  Another scenario has the suspect approaching an individual using the same sad story, asking for money using gold jewelry as collateral and promising to come back for it.  The victims later find out that the jewelry is not actually gold and have been bilked out of large sums of cash.   The suspects are usually South East Asian or Middle Eastern and may be with other adults (male or female) and may also be with children.  They may speak (or pretend to speak) poor English.  Please contact local authorities if you are approached.